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Made from recycled HDPE and PP.
HDPE, number 2 in the recycling triangle, comes from things like milk bottles and shampoo containers.

PP, number 5 in the recycling triangle, comes from things like margarine tubs and crates.

Each item is unique, we don't add anything to the plastic we recycle, so colours are mixed based on what we collect. The photo represents an example colour mix and is not a complete match to what you might receive.

We can make these to order, let us know if there are particular colour mixes you would like.

Small Cloud and Lightening Wall Hanging

  • If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we're here to help.
    You can find out more about our returns and refund policies here.

  • A Cloud, lightening bolt and raindrop wall hanging.

    An art piece to hang on your wall.

    Fixtures and fittings not provided.

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